How to meditate
Energy Healing, Yoga Retreats, Yoga, Spiritual, Meditation
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“What I know for sure: you deserve to feel freedom in your physical body and fulfillment in your soul.”

-Lindsey Tschappat


Yoga Retreats

A week long immersion in Bali or Spain for deep relaxation, restoration and self-care. Gather with a community of like-hearted souls to experience yoga, breath work, meditation, farm to table meals, dance, sacred ceremony and time in nature.


Energy Healing

A bespoke healing session to recalibrate your energetic field, relax your nervous system, remove energetic blockages and clear your field back to its original state of peace, spaciousness and calm.



Sacred Ceremony

Intentionally celebrate life’s most important moments with a sacred ceremony. From full moon circles, to birthday celebrations and new mother circles, honor the most sacred experiences in life with a tailor made ceremony.

I help you recalibrate your body and energetic field to uncover your inherent health, joy and authentic self-expression.

There is no one-size-fits all on this journey, which is why I embody and teach 3 core practices. Follow the quiz below to find which free practice is the ideal place for you to start. I love you already, thank you for being here!