Energy Healing
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Designed to recalibrate your energetic field, relax your nervous system, remove energetic blockages, and clear your field back to its original state of peace, spaciousness and calm.

This session will help you find resolve and clarity as we move through 4 signature stages:


Set an intention, connect your energy with the earth and your Muladhara chakra, move deeply into the body to set the foundation for all healing. You will be guided through a short Yoga Nidra to move into Theta brain waves and ultimately into a hypnogogic state—the state between wakefulness and sleep. Once your body is relaxed, the energy healing portion of the session begins.


Lindsey scans your energy field for any blockages or stagnant energy. This energy is removed and light energy is channeled into your system. During this stage, Lindsey will intuitively pick up on any messages from your body, your guides, or any spirits who have guidance for you.


Singing bowls are played and the sound helps your consciousness return into your body. Palo Santo and Sage are used to cleanse the space for your newly cleared energy field to sink back into. Move back into the body through gentle movement.


An in-depth discussion of what came up during the healing session, what messages your body, guides and spirit have for you, and practical implementation to bring this clean slate back into your everyday life. Homework is given to help you further integrate and embody this fresh energy.

Each session provides a complete reset to your physical body, mind, energetic field and nervous system. We recommend 1-2 sessions per month as a tune up, but Lindsey’s main goal is to teach you to be your own healer. You will leave with practices, tools, and “homework” that will empower you to further integrate this session and become your own healer on a day to day basis.


$75/ 1 session

$275/ 4 sessions

$800/ 12 sessions


Each session is 45-60 minutes.

Sessions available remotely or in person (upon request)