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Meditation for every mind.

Mantra based meditation directly from the Himalayas and backed by science to develop a daily meditation practice.


This is simple and effective meditation for the busy person to relax the mind, alleviate exhaustion and pain, relieve stress, develop resilience, and become better at life.


We offer 8-week courses to develop a daily self practice so you don’t have to rely on a meditation class in order to meditate.



Our next course is January 12- March 2, 2021. Live 1-hour Zoom sessions each Tuesday at 5pm PST. Recordings available for those who can’t make it live. 

What People Are Saying . . .

8- Week Meditation Course

Week 1: The 4 Keys to Effective Meditation

Movement, breath, mindfulness and meditation. We will dive deeply into the practicality of meditation: timing, duration, how to sit, where to practice, how to know if it’s working, and what to expect.


Week 2: Meditation and Mindfulness Efficacy

With countless meditation styles, programs and techniques out there, it can get confusing! Learn the differences between meditation, mindfulness and the efficacy of different meditation styles. We will dive into the most effective meditation styles for busy people to relax the mind, alleviate exhaustion and pain, relieve stress, develop resilience, and become better at life.


Week 3: Meditation Benefits, Become Better at Life

Research is finally catching up to what yogis have known for thousands of years! Meditation changes the grey matter in the brain, creates new neural pathways, reduces stress, reduces inflammation and pain, and can improve sleep. This is meditation to get better at life, not to get better at meditating.


Week 4: How to Handle Thoughts

What to do when you start thinking, how to clear your mind, the purpose of thoughts during meditation, and mantra as the mind’s vehicle for focus, concentration and stillness.


Week 5: Meditation for Exhaustion

Sleep is a state of consciousness that reduces some forms of exhaustion and stress. Meditation brings the mind into a different form of consciousness that allows the body to heal on a deep cellular level that sleep alone doesn’t address.


Week 6: Meditation for Stress

Stress makes us sick, unproductive, and miserable. Meditation works to remove past stress that is stored in the body and defrag the hard drive of our minds and bodies to operate at a more enjoyable and effective level.


Week 7: Meditation for Resilience

We have a finite amount of energy that can be used to handle life’s demands. However, meditation increases our resilience and taps us into an infinite well of adaptation energy. Imagine responding to life with patience, clarity and insight (this is what happens the meditators’ brains as they rewire)!


Week 8: Become Your Own Teacher

How to take this meditation practice and continue using it as a daily hygiene tool for the rest of your life. You won’t need to take another meditation course again because you will have a fully self-sustaining practice with variations and options to fit your lifestyle.

Sliding Scale

$80- You’re Covered

If you’re facing economic hardship or are unemployed, we’ve got you covered. We’re committed to making this practice accessible to every-BODY!
$150- Regular Pricing

This reflects the true cost of the course. Please choose this option if it’s within your means.


$250- Investment Level

This option helps support a fellow student who can’t pay the regular price for the course. Investing at this price supports our mission to share yoga and meditation with every-BODY.

We’re Almost There. . .

1. Email

After paying an amount on the sliding scale, email with subject line “8-week meditation course” from the email you would to use for the course.


2. Zoom Link & Recordings

24 hours before the course starts on January 12, you will receive the zoom link for our live Tuesday sessions. Each session will be recorded, sent out directly after the session ends and available for one week after that, in case you can’t make it live.


3. Q & A

Also, feel free to submit questions to and get excited for one Q&A video each sent to you on Thursday. You’re in!