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Hi Love, Welcome!

My spiritual journey began with a chronic illness diagnosis when I was a teenager. Since then, I have dedicated myself to mastering the teachings that healed me, both physical and emotionally, and to sharing them with others.


This journey has taken me across the world. It includes 200-hours and advanced asana training with Himalaya Yoga Valley in India, Chakra Healing Training, and intensive study with mentors Carly Stephan and Matt Kahn. I have also led yoga retreats and sacred ceremonies in Spain, Bali and Ireland along with teaching yoga classes and workshops in both Thailand and the USA.


All of this ultimately wraps back to one key thing: you deserve to feel freedom in your physical body and fulfillment in your soul. Join me in one of my yoga retreats, energy healing sessions, or sacred ceremonies as I guide you to recalibrate your body and energetic field and uncover your inherent health, joy and authentic self-expression.


If you want to test the waters first, start out with 5 free meditations I created to rewire your mind and energy field !

It’s not all yoga and energy healing . . .

While helping others heal and move into their health, self-expression and joy is my passion, it’s not all spiritual around here! I grew up in a ski town in Colorado, with the outdoors at my fingertips. Life consisted of hiking, camping, skiing, rafting, and tennis—really anything outdoors and active. I now live in New York City and I’m exploring everything the city has to offer.


In my free time, I’m an avid historical fiction reader— A Thousand Splendid Suns is by far my favorite, a pursuer of intimate, live music venues that host up-and-coming artists, and obsessed with finding the tastiest dark chocolate bar around— have you tried Honey Mama’s Lavender Rose Cocoa Nectar Bar?


I’m so honored to have you here, let’s start aligning you into your soul’s highest expression NOW!


I love you already! I would love to connect, please introduce yourself!