Sacred Ceremonies
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Life is meant to be celebrated.

It started with Moon and Solstice Ceremonies, but quickly began to wonder “why aren’t we celebrating all of life like this?”


That’s when New Mom, Bachelorette, and First Menstruation Ceremonies began. These events expanded again and Intention Based Celebrations were born, such as The Release and Rejoice Ceremonies.

During a sacred ceremony, I co-create with you to design an individualized, intention based celebration that can include sound, breath work, mantra, energy healing, yoga, journaling, group sharing, and a sacred space. All you need is a group of your favorite people and an intention to celebrate!

Full Moon Ceremony

Celebrate the completion of a cycle, expand your consciousness with gratitude and tap into the thinning of the veil that happens during the full moon. Learn to harness your emotions in powerful and profound ways along with how to flow in times of heightened emotions.

New Moon Ceremony

Celebrate the start of a new cycle by setting new intentions, sinking into the calm of this energetic time, and planting seeds that will later be harvested.

Solstice Ceremony

Celebrate the height of light or darkness with the Summer or Winter Solstice as you move further into yin or yang energy and attune to the natural rhythms of the sun. Learn how to attune your cycle and everyday life to the suns light and energy.

Equinox Ceremony

As above, so below. Honor the balancing of the cosmos through a recalibration and balancing within your own life.

Cocoa Ceremony

Cocoa has been used in ceremony in South America for thousands of years. Honor the potent healing and heart opening power of this plant as we drink cocoa, create sound, practice breath work and immerse ourselves into the subtle, yet powerful experiences cocoa invokes.

Release Ceremony

Dive deep into the subconscious and release all stagnant energy, limiting patterns, and subconscious beliefs that are no longer serving your highest evolution. This powerful ceremony will clear away space within your mind and energy field to allow for more of the feelings and experiences you desire to make their way into your reality.

Bachelorette Ceremony

Honor this transition from single to sacred partnership in a bachelorette ceremony. We will surround the bride-to-be with a community that loves her and perform a celebration that supports her heart, body and spirit as she prepares to enter a commitment with her partner.

New Mom Ceremony

Celebrate the mom-to-be through a ceremony of blessings, love notes, sacred sound, intentions for the baby, and a loving community.

 Birthday Ceremony

Celebrate another year around the sun! Any elements can be added into this ceremony to create a tailor-made celebration filled with intention and meaning.

First Menstruation Ceremony 

Honor the sacred transition into womanhood through a menstruation ceremony for your daughter. This ceremony is focused on celebration, joy and support (rather than the fear, shame and uncertainty that many times accompany a first menstruation). We will sing, dance, journal and move through breath work that honors the body, the feminine and focuses on female support. At the end of the ceremony, the girl will receive an Urban Mantra Menstruation Mala bracelet, along with a bath mix of salts, oils and feminine herbs and flowers to use at home.

Rejoice Ceremony

A ceremony completely focused on joy and rejoicing! We will celebrate life, being alive and rejoice in all the beauty in our lives.


2-2.5 hours $320, in NYC area

Travel available upon request